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Feb 01
Three volunteers pose for a photograph representing the Grimsby Food Kitchen

Allied Protek Proudly Support Grimsby Food Kitchen

Allied Protek Proudly Supports Grimsby Food Kitchen

Throughout 2023, the staff at Allied Protek have been raising money via a range of initiatives to donate to a worthy cause. This year, the unanimous decision was made to contribute the accumulated funds to Grimsby Food Kitchen, an altruistic endeavour spearheaded by Cath and Ken Homewood (pictured left and right). For nearly two decades, this group of dedicated volunteers has been providing food, shelter and a supportive haven for those in the local community who require assistance.

This morning, Head of Marketing, Sam Strandt visited the site on King Edward Street to meet with Cath and Ken Homewood, witnessing and discussing the remarkable work they undertake within the community.

Cath expressed, “We welcome anybody, anybody as long as they’re over 18 and respectful of those who help out and those who attend. We don’t turn anybody away; we’re not here to judge. We’re just here to provide a homely place for people.”

She added, “I’ve always had a passion for helping people. The service keeps growing and growing but we don’t mind. Everybody who comes is always respectful! We operate on Thursday and Sunday. I’m up at 5:30 am on a Sunday to start cooking since there’s no kitchen here, so I always joke about not upsetting me on a Sunday! But no, everybody is respectful, and you can see that they appreciate what we offer.”

Cath highlighted the diverse reasons people visit the Food Kitchen, emphasising the importance of being a safe space for everyone. “We have people who come here to enjoy having a chat, having a bit of a laugh and banter with each other. We also have people come in who are having a down day, but we’re a safe space. They can talk to us; they can talk to each other, and that’s what it’s all about. We run on trust. They know if they speak to us about any issues they may be experiencing, that stays with us and them. Sometimes people just need to feel comfortable and to open up and hopefully, that’s how they feel when they visit.”

Despite relying solely on donations, Cath has never been one to actively seek support. Nonetheless, the group of volunteers deeply appreciates the continuous generosity shown by the community.

“We never go out asking for funding or support, and yet, the people of this town continue to support us. I truly believe that the community of this town deserves a medal; their generosity is amazing. It allows us to continue doing this and we cannot be more thankful for any donation we get!”.

To learn more about Grimsby Food Kitchen and its impactful work, you can follow their Facebook page. Additionally, they are hosting a GoFundMe page where donations can be made, accessible by clicking here.

Keep up the fantastic work!