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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the central collaborative process for all major infrastructure and building projects. We recognise that it is the foundation of digital transformation in the engineering industry. Utilising the latest BIM technologies, we deliver projects that are more accurate and cost efficient to the client.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the management of information through the whole life cycle of a built asset, from initial design all the way through to construction, maintaining and finally de-commissioning, through the use of digital modelling. It’s all about collaboration between engineers, owners, architects and contractors in a three-dimensional virtual construction environment.

Key benefits

» Faster and efficient processes
» Increased productivity and quicker delivery
» Reduced uncertainty
» Controlled whole-life costs and environmental data
» Avoidance of rework costs
» Improved safety
» Reduced on-site waste
» Prevention of errors

Experts in BIM application

Our expert teams have the specialist knowledge, skills and experience required to deliver complex engineering projects in a diverse range of sectors. With in-house BIM capabilities, we can review your project requirements and cater a BIM approach that suits your individual project depending what stage the project is at, from early feasibility to full construction and fabrication. 3D models are created using Revit and Solidworks for all elements of a project with detail level dependent on the work stage. This allows us to create a virtual construction site, which in turn lets clash avoidance to be undertaken at an early stage. Detailed 2D construction and fabrication drawings are taken directly from the 3D models which enables changes to be undertaken quickly. This model-based approach provides transparency at all stages of delivery and demonstrates innovation visually through the life cycle of a scheme.


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