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As part of Allied Protek’s engineering procedures, our procurement department are responsible for all purchasing orders and logistics. We are extremely proud of the work we do with key suppliers and maintain robust relationships with them in order to fulfil client requests, as well as our own criteria to the best possible standard.

We Champion Local & Global Goods / Services

Finding the best goods and services for our own needs as well as our clients’ specifications can be a challenging prospect. But at Allied Protek, we embrace complex projects. It’s why our procurement team works hard to team up with local services wherever possible, providing the correct quality and ensuring it’s the right fit for you. But we also research and procure the equipment on a global basis. If we cannot find it locally, Allied Protek will make sure all equipment is handled to individual client specifications or from our in-house design department.

We Ship Worldwide with our Industry Experience

Our wealth of experience allows us to ship to a number of places across the world. Most recently Allied Protek has packed and shipped a manufacturing plant to Melbourne, Australia, but have also shipped large materials and plants to Russia, Germany and Malaysia. The successful relationships we’ve built with key suppliers and contacts within the engineering sector means Allied Protek has worked with major businesses within the Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Defence industries.

We’re Committed to Quality and Ethics

We firmly believe in providing our clients with superb quality when sourcing goods and services, so complying with ethical standards is extremely important to us as a company. As such, our membership with SEDEX reflects our commitment to ethical procurement. An industry requirement of ISO’s 9001, 14001 and 45001 is to vet and measure all of our suppliers on a continual basis, guaranteeing absolute competence and commitment to service and quality.


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