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Our innovative laser scanner allows us to record a high speed three-dimensional, measured document. This advanced piece of technology, coupled with SCENE cloud software, produces exceedingly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometrics. Ideal for giving us live, workable images in an exceptionally short time frame, they are assembled by millions of 3D measurement points.


By giving us a 3D photographical survey and 3D point cloud data, we can utilise these in conjunction with topographical surveys, alongside drain and sub ground surveys. Our engineers will then add this information into Building Information Model systems, which can be transferred into various third party software providing us with airflow and structural analysis, as well as asset management and virtual walkthroughs.


» Construction Planning – scan existing building for extensions or internal installations
» Construction Installation Quality Control – check accuracy of steelwork and equipment
» Equipment Retro-fit – equipment install in plant, clash checks, vertical start-ups and overall efficiency
» HAZOP Analysis – installation, operational risk and logistics analysis, maintenance access
» Fire Escape Route Planning – Virtual walkthroughs of existing plant with new install
» Virtual Site Visits – reviews the plant remotely
» Dangerous Area Surveying – including the ability to view from the ground
» Engineering Planning and Compliance

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