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Allied Protek has made superb progress towards complete environmental legal compliance, taking waste reduction and recycling into account as well. Monitoring of our waste streams is well underway with the introduction of BS EN 14001:2004 management system, giving us access to new environmental procedures and a comprehensive review of such systems.

In order to reduce our paper consumption, Allied Protek has replaced its fax and copier systems with duplex and scanning fax systems via electronic means. Our new and much more efficient vehicles for transportation has resulted in less damage to the environment, along with the integration of WebEx to reduce travel to and from meetings.


Conserving our environment is considerably important to Allied Protek and, as such, we continually follow our core principles to reduce the impact on the area. By managing the triple bottom line, or what is known as the three pillars of sustainability, we keep track of our financial, social and environmental risks at all times. The system is more widely referred to as profits, people and planet in order to evaluate our company performance in a broader context.

During project work, Allied Protek remains focused on reducing environmental impact in any way we possibly can. Our engineering and design staff consistently plan new installations by thoroughly taking into account the impact it may cause on sustainability. Given we strive for industry excellence, it is part of our nature to provide environmentally stable installations fit for our clients’ needs.

effluent & waste management

As part of our commitment to the environment, Allied Protek aims to recycle as much waste as possible. By recycling waste or excess steel during project work and utilising a lean management system, we keep waste to the absolute minimum. Not only do we recycle materials but we also reduce office consumption too, and recycle many standard items such as paper, card, lights and toner cartridges.

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